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A free site to create and share your visions of hope and possibility through personal “vision videos.”

Students, you are the future. The world needs to know about your unique superpowers and strengths. This free platform has everything you need to create a vision and then share it with the world. 


Student Quotes



“I learned I have the capability to do whatever I hope and dream for my life.”



“This was our best homework assignment we did all year.”



“I was so proud of my telavision!! I encourage others to do this to, it is a great experience.”



“I learned I have the capability to do whatever I hope and dream for my life.”



“Now that I put it out there for everyone to see my goals and dreams there are more people who are believing me and cheering me on.”

Sample Student Vision Videos

Teachers & Parents

With all of the upheaval in the world students need confidence and encouragement for their futures. That is what the free Tel.A.Vision program provides. Read about what teachers and students are saying about TAV. Watch age appropriate videos. Download our free curriculum. Learn how to set up Free Accounts on Animoto. Sign up now!

TEL.A.VISION makes my students think about themselves in the world. It is an opportunity for them to take control of their lives and realize they can make a difference in the world.”   — Mr. Amaral

Use TEL.A.VISION to showcase other vision videos including ones for your city, state or country, visions for peace, racial inequality, climate change, as well as classroom and school visions for any of the above ... or something else you deem worthy. 

Here is a Youth Peace Vision example:

Why Kate Created Her Vision Video

Kate's creation of her vision video helped her achieve her goals

About Kate Miner

Kate Miner was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Kate is best known for her work in Showtime's Emmy Award winning Shameless, USA Network's Necessary Roughness (2011) and the NBC's miniseries Persons Unknown (2010). She also appeared in films The Campaign (2012) opposite Will Ferrell and Fifty Shades of Black (2016) with Marlon Wayans.

Kate created her vision video in 2008 and most of it has already come true. "There is power in vision", Kate says.

She has been married to her college sweetheart, musician Justin Miner, since August 26, 2012 and plays mandolin and keys in their band Miner.

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TEL.A.VISION Helped Me Create a Doorway to Discuss ALC Student’s Futures

By Tom Wendt St. Croix Valley Alternative Learning Center I recently used TEL.A.VISION with two of my classes at the St.Croix Valley Alternative Learning Center (SCVALC). The students got into it. They took ownership of their videos. They all finished the project. The software was simple to use and there are online lesson plans to…

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My experience with TEL.A.VISION was excellent!

By Eric Paquette I am a high school writing teacher with a large special ed. population in my classroom. I found the visionary aspect, the creative freedom and hands on approach empowered previously unengaged students.  Since the project I have seen that by referring back to the goals set in the video students are connecting…

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Digital Story Telling with Homeless Students

Lanise Block enjoyed using TEL.A.VISION in her classroom and decided to use it in a “Digital Story Telling” project with the homeless. She was surprised by how well the project was accepted by her students.

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Use in a High School Classroom

We caught up with Lanise Block, a teacher at Henry High School in Minneapolis, at the recent TIES Conference. Here is what she had to say about about using TEL.A.VISION in her classroom.

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7th Graders realize ” I Can Make A Difference in the World”

Mr Amaral, a Global Concepts teacher, is beginning his third year of bringing TEL.A.VISION to every 7th grader at Oakland Junior High. Here is what he had to say about TEL.A.VISION. “TEL.A.VISION makes my students think about themselves in the world. It helps them think about what they could be. It is an opportunity for…

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Native American Alaskans Make Transitions With TEL.A.VISION

Dustin Madden is a teacher at Bartlett High School in Alaska where he strives to teach Alaska Native students in a culturally responsive way. Dustin is excited to learn new ways to help students. One new way became apparent when he learned how to use TEL.A.VISION, web-based software that is designed to help students clarify…

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TEL.A.VISION Launches New Curriculum and New Site License Program To Include At-Risk and Special Education Programs

Students Demonstrate Deeper Engagement with School Because of TEL.A.VISION MINNEAPOLIS (December 15, 2009) – TEL.A.VISION, the proven Web 2.0 online curriculum that inspires youth to create and share visions of hope and possibility through personal “vision videos” announced today the launch of their new curriculum and new site license program. Realizing that the greatest benefit…

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TEL.A.VISION Forms Partnership with Minnesota TIES

Alliance Will Benefit TEL.A.VISION, TIES and Their Affiliates MINNEAPOLIS (December 1, 2009) – TEL.A.VISION, the proven Web 2.0 online curriculum that inspires youth to create and share visions of hope and possibility through personal “vision videos” announced today their partnership with TIES, the Minnesota Education Technology Collaborative that brings together technology and education to create…

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Here is what Fourth grade teacher Brent Bovitz had to say about using TEL.A.VISION. “TEL-A-VISION has been an absolutely amazing tool for us at Cedar Ridge Elementary.  After being introduced to TEL-A-VISION at TIES, it has been a web 2.0 technology that has provided learning, motivation, and excitement for our students and staff.  Each student…

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Summer Update From TEL.A.VISION

Dear Friends, This past three weeks, with the start of school, we had a record number of new accounts and over a 1000 new TEL.A.VISION  videos created. We have had a very busy summer preparing for the new school year. We will shortly be introducing new school pricing that will allow schools to buy TEL.A.VISION…

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TEL.A.VISION Featured on B2E News Alert

We visited with Anne Wujcik at the National Educational Computer Conference in Washington DC. Anne is, among other things, the Editor of B2E News Alert, Business Education Intelligence from QED and the Heller Report. Anne Wujcik —Friday, July 10, 2009 George Johnson, founder and CEO of TEL·A·VISION, is a man on a mission. TEL·A·VISION ‘s…

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Vision Videos Empower Students – District Administration

A new Web-based tool, TEL•A•VISION, inspires young people to dream the possible dream. By Mary Johnson Patt June 2009 District Administration Magazine, the magazine of School district Management, completed a three page article on TEL.A.VISION  in its June/ July NECC issue. Here is an excerpt: In early March, as he addressed the U.S. Hispanic Chamber…

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Research points to the importance of instilling hope and optimism in youth

U Research Finds that Teens Who Believe They’ll Die Young are More Likely to Engage in Risky Behavior University of Minnesota Medical School researcher Iris Borowsky, M.D., Ph.D., and colleagues found that one in seven adolescents believe that it is highly likely that they will die before age 35, and this belief predicted that the…

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Big News From TEL.A.VISION

The BIG news is that TEL.A.VISION  is becoming a non profit. Actually, it has always been a not for profit but we are just making it official. This will allow us to seek funds from foundations and individuals. I know that we will probably be rejected 10 times before we find someone willing to help…

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Teachers Driving Web 2.0 Use in Schools Says National Research Survey

While many stakeholders are involved in developing policies on the use of Web 2.0 technologies in K-12 education, new research suggests that teachers are the most important group driving adoption. This is a finding of a recent commissioned by Lightspeed Systems and Thinkronize Inc. There is a persistent gap between how today’s “digital” kids learn…

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Vision – Awakening Your Potential to Create a Better World

If you’ve found your way to the TEL.A.VISION blog you must be interested in vision. Our friend, Dr. Peter Benson, from the SEARCH Institute has just written a book called “Vision – Awakening Your Potential to Create a Better World”. It is available here from the Templeton Press. I’ve read the book and believe it…

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TEL.A.VISION Adopted by all Youth

We started piloting TEL.A.VISION by working with 120 5th graders at a suburban school. The students and teachers readily adopted it. One Teacher said,”I can think of nothing I could have done to get to know my students better.” Next we took TEL.A.VISION to a Junior High and 350 7th graders completed TEL.A.VISIONs. The students…

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Survey: Too many children fear end of Earth

One out of three children, ages 6-11 years old, fear that the planet won’t exist when they grow up and more than half believe that the Earth will not be as good a place to live. That’s according to a new telephone survey of 500 pre-teens commissioned by Habitat Heroes, the first global, social networking…

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