7th Graders realize ” I Can Make A Difference in the World”

Mr Amaral, a Global Concepts teacher, is beginning his third year of bringing TEL.A.VISION to every 7th grader at Oakland Junior High. Here is what he had to say about TEL.A.VISION. “TEL.A.VISION makes my students think about themselves in the world. It helps them think about what they could be. It is an opportunity for them to take control of their lives and realize they can make a difference in the world.

I see past students in the hallways almost every day who tell me how cool the vision video assignment was and how they still watch it. One 9th grader told me she watched her video the other day and has decided not to be a lawyer but instead wants to become a teacher.

Here are what some of Mr. Amaral’s students said in their blog posts:

  • “I learned I have the capability to do whatever I hope and dream for my life.”
  • “I was so proud of my telavision!! I encourage others to do this to, it is a great experience.”
  • “My mom and dad were very proud of me when I did my tel.a.vison project. My Mom’s eyes got a little teary.”
  • “This was our best homework assignment we did all year.”
  • “Now that I put it out there for everyone to see my goals and dreams there are more people who are believing me and cheering me on.”

And finally there was the girl who had not completed an assignment all year who completed her TEL.A.VISION. She wrote in her blog,”It’s about time that someone asked us what we think.