TEL•A•VISION’s Mission:
Promote widespread application of a TEL•A•VISION technology (personal Vision Video) and methodology (curricula and instruction) among parents, youth and organizations.

TEL•A•VISION’s Vision:
Inspire youth to identify and express their unique gifts in service of a better world for all.

Hi, I'm George Johnson. In 2008 I started Tel•A•Vision. I saw too much fear and negativity in the world. I think I was 12 years too early. I'm bringing it back now because we need, more than ever, visions of hope and possibility.

My vision is to create a platform for students to use around the world to share their visions. Feel free to use anything on this site for your own needs. Start new social media sites, do this with a school or classroom. Please share the idea and make it better.

Let me know on my contact form if I can help you in any way.

George Johnson's I am... vision video

This was the copy written for the "About Us" page in 2008:

TEL•A•VISION, of course, all started with a vision.

Why did George Johnson start TEL•A•VISION in the first place? He knew that many youth did not have goals or visions for a positive future. He wanted to provide a tool that would help youth articulate visions of hope and possibility for their lives. He knew this could help change the world.

As a former Special Education teacher’s aide, camp counselor and teacher, George always worked to ensure each student set goals and was equipped with the proper tools to achieve them. And, as a Group Home Administrator, he found that having a vision of living independently was the critical link to a resident’s success.

After George left Special Education, he built a very successful career as an entrepreneur, starting, growing and running many companies mostly focused on digital video technology, including Alpha Video and Internet Broadcasting, among others. For the last seven years, George has been coaching visionaries.

I loved the coaching, but always felt something was missing,” said George, reflecting back on his career. “Then one day a friend sent me a link to a YouTube video called ‘Vision Statements.’ I took one look at the video and knew my calling was to help youth create similar Vision Videos of hope and possibility for their own lives.”

Since creating TEL•A•VISION and bringing it to schools, George has experienced tremendous excitement from youth, who are more energized and hopeful after creating visions of their desired futures. Specifically, George found himself drawn to the videos and stories created by Special Ed and At Risk students.

TEL•A•VISION is a technology platform for all youth, but its focus is the Special Ed and At Risk student. George says, “Working with Special Ed and At Risk youth to create a hopeful, positive vision for their life feels like coming home. It feels my career has come full circle.”

TEL•A•VISION has this to offer the world:

  • Is active learning that engages and involves students in the learning process
  • Is student centered and addresses world issues that incorporate technology with which students are familiar
  • Empowers students to share their stories and make their voices heard
  • Satisfies the growing need for goal-setting curriculum in schools and vision-focused activities for young people
  • Allows each learner to be recognized and rewarded for special strengths
  • Offers teachers an easy to use curriculum that helps them better understand and meet the needs of individual students
  • Provides opportunities for learners to adapt their studies to their interests and learning preferences
  • Is a non-profit organization started by George Johnson.

We are creating a worldwide movement ... and we need your help!

If you have ideas on how to reach more students, please let us know.

We are creating a worldwide movement ... and we need your help! If you have ideas on how to reach more students, please let us know.

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