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TEL.A.VISION, of course, all started with a vision.

Why did George Johnson (i.e., “Ringmaster“) start TEL.A.VISION in the first place? He saw far too much negativity in the world, primarily on television, and wanted to use the multimedia appeal of television to make the world a better place for children.

We have become a nation of negativity and fear, much of it broadcast on television news. Unless we change our current course, we will become what we envision,” states George.

Here’s what TEL.A.VISION has to offer the world:

  • TEL.A.VISION provides an opportunity to help children reconnect with who they are, and their potential dreams inside them, before the world’s negative influences cause them to forget
  • TEL.A.VISION empowers kids to share their stories and make their voices heard
  • TEL.A.VISION demonstrates the importance and positive impact of being intentional, rather than reactive, in life
  • TEL.A.VISION has the potential to create a global community centered around hope, peace and possibility
  • TEL.A.VISION satisfies the growing need for goal-setting curriculum in schools and vision-focused activities for young people
  • TEL.A.VISION has the potential to provide underprivileged kids hope, a voice and the opportunity to envision and ultimately achieve a better life and community
  • TEL.A.VISION is poised to change the world!

For more information about how the movement started and its fit within K12 education, please contact our educational expert Sue Hanson (principal at Susan Hanson & Associates), via email or by phone at 763-657-0987.

TEL.A.VISION could not have been created without the partnership between George Johnson and Haberman & Associates – Modern Storytellers for Media and Marketing.

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