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By George Johnson | Oct 12, 2009

Here is what Fourth grade teacher Brent Bovitz had to say about using TEL.A.VISION. “TEL-A-VISION has been an absolutely amazing tool for us at Cedar Ridge Elementary.  After being introduced to TEL-A-VISION at TIES, it has been a web 2.0 technology that has provided learning, motivation, and excitement for our students and staff.  Each student…

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Summer Update From TEL.A.VISION

By George Johnson | Sep 26, 2009

Dear Friends, This past three weeks, with the start of school, we had a record number of new accounts and over a 1000 new TEL.A.VISION  videos created. We have had a very busy summer preparing for the new school year. We will shortly be introducing new school pricing that will allow schools to buy TEL.A.VISION…

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TEL.A.VISION Featured on B2E News Alert

By George Johnson | Jul 12, 2009

We visited with Anne Wujcik at the National Educational Computer Conference in Washington DC. Anne is, among other things, the Editor of B2E News Alert, Business Education Intelligence from QED and the Heller Report. Anne Wujcik —Friday, July 10, 2009 George Johnson, founder and CEO of TEL·A·VISION, is a man on a mission. TEL·A·VISION ‘s…

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Vision Videos Empower Students – District Administration

By George Johnson | Jul 12, 2009

A new Web-based tool, TEL•A•VISION, inspires young people to dream the possible dream. By Mary Johnson Patt June 2009 District Administration Magazine, the magazine of School district Management, completed a three page article on TEL.A.VISION  in its June/ July NECC issue. Here is an excerpt: In early March, as he addressed the U.S. Hispanic Chamber…

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Research points to the importance of instilling hope and optimism in youth

By George Johnson | Jun 15, 2009

U Research Finds that Teens Who Believe They’ll Die Young are More Likely to Engage in Risky Behavior University of Minnesota Medical School researcher Iris Borowsky, M.D., Ph.D., and colleagues found that one in seven adolescents believe that it is highly likely that they will die before age 35, and this belief predicted that the…

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Big News From TEL.A.VISION

By George Johnson | Jun 5, 2009

The BIG news is that TEL.A.VISION  is becoming a non profit. Actually, it has always been a not for profit but we are just making it official. This will allow us to seek funds from foundations and individuals. I know that we will probably be rejected 10 times before we find someone willing to help…

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Teachers Driving Web 2.0 Use in Schools Says National Research Survey

By George Johnson | May 30, 2009

While many stakeholders are involved in developing policies on the use of Web 2.0 technologies in K-12 education, new research suggests that teachers are the most important group driving adoption. This is a finding of a recent commissioned by Lightspeed Systems and Thinkronize Inc. There is a persistent gap between how today’s “digital” kids learn…

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Vision – Awakening Your Potential to Create a Better World

By George Johnson | May 27, 2009

If you’ve found your way to the TEL.A.VISION blog you must be interested in vision. Our friend, Dr. Peter Benson, from the SEARCH Institute has just written a book called “Vision – Awakening Your Potential to Create a Better World”. It is available here from the Templeton Press. I’ve read the book and believe it…

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TEL.A.VISION Adopted by all Youth

By George Johnson | Apr 24, 2009

We started piloting TEL.A.VISION by working with 120 5th graders at a suburban school. The students and teachers readily adopted it. One Teacher said,”I can think of nothing I could have done to get to know my students better.” Next we took TEL.A.VISION to a Junior High and 350 7th graders completed TEL.A.VISIONs. The students…

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