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Survey: Too many children fear end of Earth

By George Johnson | Apr 24, 2009

One out of three children, ages 6-11 years old, fear that the planet won’t exist when they grow up and more than half believe that the Earth will not be as good a place to live. That’s according to a new telephone survey of 500 pre-teens commissioned by Habitat Heroes, the first global, social networking…

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DIVAs Aim for the Right Notes

By George Johnson | Apr 21, 2009

Project DIVA connects caring adults who act as mentors with girls planning where their lives will take them. In a front page business section article in today’s Star Tribune columnist Neal St. Anthony features project Divas and the difference creating TEL.A.VISION  videos has made in their lives. “I have a vision of my future that…

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Dreamlist Radio Interview with TEL.A.VISION Founder

By George Johnson | Apr 10, 2009

TEL.A.VISION Founder George Johnson recently had a 30 minute conversation with Dreamlist Radio host Melissa Borghorst. The purpose of Dreamlist Media is to encourage people to follow their dreams. You can learn more about Dreamlist Media on their web site. You can listen to the interview by clicking the button below.

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TEL.A.VISION and Minneapolis Public School Graduation Requirements

By George Johnson | Apr 8, 2009

In a feature story in today’s  Southwest Journal, TEL.A.VISION’s new relationship with the Minneapolis Public Schools is explained. TEL•A•VISION will be incorporated into Minneapolis Public Schools My Life Plan, a post-college planning activity that is required for graduation beginning next school year. Creating a vision video will be one option for seniors to complete the…

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Teachings of the Delicate Lodge

By George Johnson | Apr 3, 2009

WindEagle and RainbowHawk Ehama Institute was founded in 1995 as a non profit organization whose sacred dream is to create and maintain an expanding circle of humans in supportive relationship, consistent with the sacred teachings of the Mother Earth, that encourage learning and growing and foster the fulfillment of each person’s destiny as a Sacred…

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Wired for 2020 to Feature TEL.A.VISION and DIVAS

By George Johnson | Apr 2, 2009

About Wired for 2020 TEL.A.VISION  and Project Divas will be at the Wired for 2020 event at the Mall of America from 10-5 on Saturday April 18th. Come and learn how to make a TEL.A.VISION Video and than sit down at one of our interactive stations and make one yourself.  Here is a link to…

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Educators Tout TEL.A.VISION in Today’s StarTribune

By George Johnson | Mar 20, 2009

“It has had a profound effect on how they [students] treat each other in the hallway,” said Lake Elmo Elementary School principal Andy Fields during an interview with the Minneapolis Star Tribune this week. Fields’ positive feedback is communicated throughout the TEL.A.VISION feature story in today’s Metro section. Additionally, Minneapolis Public Schools counselor Shelly Landry…

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TEL.A.VISION Day Live Event & Contest Winners

By Team TelAVision | Mar 20, 2009

TEL.A.VISION Day isn’t over yet but to make it easy for our blog readers, we’re posting this recording of the live segment from the NYLC Conference in Nashville, TN where founder George Johnson showcased the winning TEL.A.VISION vision videos. [flv][/flv] If you’d care to watch each of the winning TEL.A.VISION’s individually (they’re easier to see…

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George Johnson Interview on Cities97

By Team TelAVision | Mar 20, 2009

George Johnson (our Ringmaster) was interviewed this morning on the Cities97 morning show hosted by Brian “BT” Turner and guest host singer/songwriter/producer, Jeff Arundel.  George called into the show on National TEL.A.VISION Day from the NYLC Conference in Memphis, TN. [audio:20090320_George-Cities97.mp3] Read More