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  • Scene 1: My Unique Gifts

    The following questions will help you think about your strengths and capabilities. Answer these questions about how you see yourself in ten years, not just how you are today. Phrase each of these in the present tense.

    These are sample questions, if you have other questions that you feel fit in this area, feel free to add them, and then provide your answers.
  • Sample Unique Gift Sentences

    • I add humor to the world around me.
    • I am a good friend to others.
    • I always help others.
    • I remember people's names (or birthdays, etc.)
    • I work hard at whatever task I am given.
    • I imagine things that others cannot.
    • I find something I like in everyone.
    • I have learned to speak another language.
    • I am able to explain things so that others understand.
    • I keep my room and workspace very neat.