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When you can envision your own future, you are more likely to make whatever changes are necessary, put forth the effort, and acquire the skills necessary for you to achieve it!

There is no better way to set yourself on your life's path than to have a vision for your future and TEL•A•VISION will help you tell the world about it!

This video gives an overview of how to create a TEL•A•VISION video. When we first developed the idea 10 years ago we had a recommended slide based software to use. You can create your TEL•A•VISION as a slideshow or video. Below we list some software you could use today and sites to find photos. Create your video using any software or app you want.

We have two PDFs you can use as a guide for writing the screenplay for your video. Feel free to create other content, but be sure to follow the rules and guidelines we have developed.

You can change your life and the world with your video.

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