CSM Captures “Vision” in TEL.A.VISION

csmTEL.A.VISION is featured in today’s Christian Science Monitor with an in-depth story detailing the five Ws of our recently launched online program. Among the Ws described is the “what,” with an accurate account of TEL.A.VISION and the process youth go through when creating their vision videos, including everything from identifying their dreams and goals to expressing them through personally meaningful words, images and music. The story also highlights the intuitiveness of our Website, calling out our designated “For Students” section, which houses video tutorials and downloadable curriculum to guide anyone through the process of creating their vision video.

More importantly, though, is the last of the Ws – the “why” – which is articulated with language that touts the hopeful, youth-driven mission of TEL.A.VISION. Our program is more than an online software that allows kids to be creative and express themselves using technology. It is a platform that empowers youth, our future leaders, to celebrate their gifts, share their stories and make their voices heard.

The most important aspect of the site has less to do with technology and more to do with imagination. ‘We want kids to get onto the computer and create the script for the story of their life,‘ Johnson says. ‘Add music, and add voice, and add photos, and have kids outline a goal-oriented program of his or her desired future. Make it about hope and about positivity.’”