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Getting Started

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See what other students have done, view student Vision Videos. Don’t forget to watch the other visions at the bottom of the page.

If you want to see real stories of how TEL.A.VISION has changed lives please read our Blog posts.

Want to see the research on TEL.A.VISION's effectiveness? View research here.


The Curriculum

In this section you will see everything you need to work with your class, either online or when back in the classroom.

  • Lesson_Plans_v1b

    Lesson Plans

    We have developed a full 28 page curriculum for TEL.A.VISION. It is currently being revised, but is a good starting point. 

  • screenplay

    Student Screenplay

    The first step for students is to complete a screenplay of their lives. We have two screenplays, the first is more complete and for younger students. The second is a simpler version for older students.

Creating TEL.A.VISION Videos

TEL.A.VISION is Powered by Animoto

We are using Animoto’s Free video creation software as a platform. We researched every software we could and found Animoto to be the best. Here are some links to Animoto that will help get you started

Sharing TEL.A.VISION Videos With Other Classrooms

Part of our mission is to connect students from around the world. We believe when students see the visions of others they will realize we are all very similar in our dreams. By making the connection we can create more understanding and peace in the world. To connect to others go to our FaceBook page, upload a class video, share your student ages and ask to connect to another class. Please share your experience.

If we are going to create a worldwide movement we are going to need your help. Parents and teachers, please tell others about this. Be a vision guide, learn the platform and offer to help classrooms, schools, nonprofits and others reach for their dreams. Share with your contacts and sites for teacher content.

Please contact us if you have more questions or would like a Zoom meeting for your school's teachers.

We are creating a worldwide movement ... and we need your help!

If you have ideas on how to reach more students, please let us know.

We are creating a worldwide movement ... and we need your help! If you have ideas on how to reach more students, please let us know.

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