Does TEL.A.VISION make a difference?

slate2A fifth-grade teacher looks at TEL.A.VISION and sees a fantastic tool that kids will enjoy using, but will ask themselves, “will this tool make a difference?”  A teacher is looking for tools and methods that will improve performance outcomes, accelerate academic achievement and instill student success.  These are some of the key factors that school districts measure as part of their success in educating our children.

As TEL.A.VISION works with students, we ask them, “What have you learned from the TEL.A.VISION curriculum, program and process?”  Here’s a small snapshot of what they’ve told us.  So – decide for yourself…Does TEL.A.VISION make a difference?

  • “I have the capability and can be anything I want to be and do anything I want to do in my future.”
  • “I realized that I care more about global issues in life than I thought I did.”
  • “TEL.A.VISION helped me set real goals for my life & everyday helps me reach my goals.”
  • “I didn’t know what my dreams were until I did this assignment, now I know what I really want to do when I grow up!!”
  • “TEL.A.VISION gives me the courage to say it & do it!”
  • “Watching my video, to me, brings me one step closer to who I want to be. By showing people my goals & dreams, there are more people who believe in me & will cheer me on.”
  • “Everyone has a vision and their vision is special to them.  It’s ok to be different!”
  • “I’ll definitely look back at this assignment and see all of the goals I’ve accomplished during my life.”

If you ask a teacher and a student how you know when a program has been successful, you might get different words, but with TEL.A.VISION, you will get the same answer.  Yes, definitely yes!

Watch and witness:  strong character, self knowledge and a vision of her future – foundations for success!!