Dr. Walsh Sees TEL.A.VISION Having a Worldwide Impact

drwalshDr. David Walsh the founder and CEO of the Institute for Media and the Family understands the positive and negative effects of television and computer usage better than anyone. He said “I am excited and pleased to support your work to make TEL.A.VISION available to children and youth everywhere. It is both an exciting technology and one capable of enriching the lives of millions.

TEL.A.VISION is about youth telling their stories. Dr. Walsh continued, “I believe that whover tells the stories defines the culture. I am so excited about TelAVision because it combines powerful cutting edge technology with storytelling. The result will be a generation of children and youth who become creators of stories that will engage enlighten and give voice to their dreams for a better world.

If you get a chance, catch Dr. Walsh’s latest book “No. Why Kids-of All Ages-Need It and Ways Parents Can Say It

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