For Educators: Why TEL•A•VISION?

Imagine every day at the beginning of online classes one of your students shares their vision video. It's powerful! We have created everything you need to make the most of this opportunity.

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TEL•A•VISION is the Fun and Effective Way to Boost Student Achievement

When students can envision a future, they are more likely to make the changes, put forth the effort, and acquire the skills necessary to achieve it. Specifically, if you look at two groups most likely to fail, Special Education Students and At Risk students, setting goals by creating vision videos are more likely to help them:

  • Improve test scores
  • Stay in school
  • Graduate and go on to college

But TEL•A•VISION can transform achievement for any student. You can either use TEL•A•VISION as a service for your Special Education or At Risk students, or you can introduce it to an entire grade or school.

Derek Berg, principal at Oakland Junior High in Stillwater, Minn. “When a student gets in trouble, I can bring he or she in and instead of lecturing, watch their vision video with them and ask ‘how is this behavior helping you reach your vision?’”

The Lake Elmo School is introducing the video to its fifth-graders, said Principal Andrew Fields. “It informs them of what they need to do to get to where they want to be,” he said, and “It gives kids the opportunities to get to know their friends better.

It has had a profound effect on how they treat each other in the hallway,” said Mr. Fields. “This has really exposed all our children to the potential of what they someday could become.”


Brian Tracy

“The starting point of great success and achievement has always been the same. It is to dream big dreams. There is nothing more important, and nothing that works faster than to cast off your own limitations, to begin dreaming and fantasizing about the wonderful things that you can become, have, and do.”

– Brian Tracy
Achievement – Planning – Success – Goals

TEL•A•VISION Offers These Benefits and More

Offers Profound Insight: Taking time to help students articulate their dreams is a powerful act in and of itself. TEL•A•VISION offers teachers new insights into students’ goals, gifts, values and dreams. Potential side effects: enhanced communication, deeper bonds with students and a better understanding of their needs and how to help them succeed.

Easily Integrates into Curriculum: Due to the interdisciplinary nature of creating Vision Videos, TEL•A•VISION can be applied to a variety of subjects, including social studies, health, media, English, history, etc.

Builds Community in the Classroom: Sharing Vision Videos in class is a celebration. Students, teachers and parents have a unique opportunity to learn about and support each other in new and meaningful ways.

Motivates and Inspires Special Ed and At-Risk Students: TEL•A•VISION promotes technology as a positive force in student’s lives by giving them the opportunity to tell their own stories of who they want to be and what they want to do in the future. TEL•A•VISION gives students a voice within this media revolution and provides them with powerful tools that foster authenticity, meaning and life-affirming choices.

Leaders have this to say about TEL.A.VISION:


Tim Showalter-Loch

Manager, Best Buy Community Relations

“Where you’re looking is where you’re going. We all know it’s easier to make something happen when you can see it. TEL.A.VISION provides a great new tool for students entering a critical period of life to tell their story – to themselves and others.”


Matt Howe

Junior High Technology Coordinator, Stillwater, MN

“The TEL.A.VISION project was a great motivator and a huge success for our students. This program was very user friendly, and from a tech coordinator’s seat, that is a huge benefit. This program played a key part in helping our 7th graders view themselves in the larger “global community” that they live. Thanks for helping give our kids a vision!”


Dr. Peter Benson

Former CEO/President, Search Institute

“Our current culture is filled with negativity, cynicism and hopelessness. Our young people are the vulnerable recipients. We know from our work in positive youth and community development that it is not only possible to bring hope into the mix; it is a key to sustainable change. We believe TEL.A.VISION and the empowering process of creating visions of hope for the future will be widely embraced.”


Fields, Andy_0

Andy Fields

Elementary School Principal, Lake Elmo, MN

“Not often do dreams and reality collide in the 5th grade, but last year they did. Each child who created a Vision Video felt empowered to reign-in their future while focusing on the steps they need to take to get there.”

Students have this to say about TEL•A•VISION's effect on them:




"I cannot explain in words how truely grateful I am for the opportunities you gave us in making these accounts. The opportunity to show my peers my plans for the future really gave me the chance to undersdtand the imporrtance of everything I am doing now to my future. It has really put things into perspective for me and I have decided to clean up my act and really focus on what is important to ME! Thank you soooo much I was really having a tough time in my life and wasnt really paying attention to anything. I drank and I was even considering joining a gang but now this has really just set me back an my path and I can actually see wer im going so thank you."




"Using the vision videos helped me alot. I never thought about my future in so many different ways. I realized that I only have one life and I will do everything in my power to make my life count for something. I am going to do my best to leave a legacy."




"I want to tell you how much of an impact doing these Telavision videos have made on the way I see things. I see myself doing everything I put into that video! I worked very hard on it and I am very excited for my future because I can see myself doing so much! Thank you for helping me see my future! This program is truly amazing and should be used throughout every school system! I know that I will be able to become what I want to be and nothing is going to get in my away!"




"I've been concentrating more on my school work, and I've been a lot happier. This project has helped me believe that i can really be what i want to be... My dream job is to become a drug councilor because of my mom and my father's past... The vision videos have helped to let others know what i want to be as i get older."




"I would like to inform you about how much I really enjoyed getting to participate in the program and make a vision video. It really got me thinking about what I want for my future and how the decisions I make now can effect how my future plays out. I have made different life style choices after I made my vision, and have been getting better grades in school because I know that I want to be a doctor and I need to have good grades. I now know that I can do anything that I set my mind to and I know what I want my future to be like and that I need to make good decisions to make it happen."




"My name is Jamie, and I am in Mr. Fletchers freshman panther lunch group. We were able to create our vision's into a video. This experience has made me realize that I control my life, and can make it how I want it. What i choose to do now, will effect my future. It really made me think about what I want in my future, and how to accomplish it. Also it made me think about how important my school work is if i want to go to college and become successful in my future career. Goal making is a big thing to me now. I would like to thank you for allowing me and my classmates to try something new, and experience something truly amazing. Thank you!"


Name Withheld


" i would like to say that the has really helped me and the people around me understand what my life is like. and what i mean by that is the fact that my step dad did and still does abuse me. now that i have made my video my friends have understood why i come to school some days crying. what i am trying to say is that this whole program has helped me stand up for what i believe."




"My tel-a-vision has helped me in so many ways. I've never thought about my future before. I'm thinking about who I want to be, and what i want to become. Most importantly, Im thinking about how im going to reach my goals. I have to start one step at a time, but im going to get there. No matter what it takes.
I've started to think more about who i really am. Who i am on the inside. Now i know a lot more about me, and i love it. When out teacher, Mr. Fletcher, told us that we had to do this project, I thought that it would be just another school assingment, but it turned out ot be a whole lot more.
Thank you for letting us do this project. I'll always be grateful."




"My name is Kiefer a few weeks ago I made a telavision video basically about what my goals are in life and some goals I have set for myself. Making this video made me really think hard about what I want my future to look like and it just made me feel like I can have endless goals set for mysellf. So thank you for making this program."




"hello my name is devon. where i was before i did this i think i had know idea what was ahead of my life know i have my life planned out and ready for each day of my life. it has helped me knowing that i already know what i want to do in life and what i want to achive thank you for letting us do this it is awsome!"