For Teachers

A Vision Expressed is a Sight to Behold

If you’re a teacher who’s looking into TEL•A•VISION on behalf of your students, we commend you. Why? Because our program is not your everyday curriculum, and making Vision Videos is certainly not your ordinary classroom activity.

By teaching your students how to attain the future they want by envisioning it first, they’ll gain a valuable skill that will benefit them for life. Along the way, you’ll learn more about your students as they discover even more about themselves. No other classroom activity can inspire and empower your students, while strengthening the bonds between them, quite like TEL•A•VISION.

Every one of your students has a story to tell. And we can’t thank you enough for caring enough to help your students share their stories with the world.


Benefits of TEL•A•VISION


The world needs people with clear, positive visions. Everyone has the potential to achieve his or her dreams. Why not teach students goal-setting and visualization at a young age?

Great athletes use visualization to improve performance. Actors imagine the scene before they play it. Successful leaders know where they are going because they have vision. If you believe children are our future, then let’s truly empower them!

TEL•A•VISION Benefits for Students

It’s Fun
Using technology familiar to kids, TEL.A.VISION gives them the creative space to imagine, dream and tell their story.

It’s Positive
Helping kids identify dreams is a positive exercise. Potential side effects: improved self-esteem, motivation to achieve and healthy choices.

It’s a Powerful Life Skill
Learning how to articulate and envision personally meaningful short- and long-term goals empowers students to lead successful lives.


TEL•A•VISION Benefits for Teachers and Parents


Offers Profound Insights
Taking time to help students articulate their dreams is a powerful act in and of itself. TEL.A.VISION offers teachers new insights into students’ goals, gifts, values and dreams. Potential side effects: enhanced communication, deeper bonds with kids and a better understanding of their needs and how to help them succeed.

Easily Integrates into Curriculum
Due to the interdisciplinary nature of creating Vision Videos, TEL.A.VISION can be applied to a variety of subjects, including social studies, health, media, English, history, etc.

Builds Community in the Classroom
Sharing Vision Videos in class is a celebration. Students, teachers and parents have a unique opportunity to learn about and support each other in new and meaningful ways.

Instructional Materials

To view the screenplay and sample photo sites and editing software, please visit the Students section.

In this section you will see everything you need to work with your class. The lessons were created in 2009 and reference a software — and some URLs (or hyperlinks) — which are no longer active. We still hope this will be a useful guide for you.

  • Lesson Plans v1 (PDF)

    Lesson Plans for TEL•A•VISION

  • View Video Creation Tools

    TEL•A•VISION's suggested tools — for students and teachers — to create vision videos

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