Grandmother Sees the Power of Vision

grandma-grandsonI just got off the phone with Marty from San Francisco. She read about TEL.A.VISION in the Christian Science Monitor and wanted to know how she could use TEL.A.VISION  as a project to connect her 12 grandchildren. Here’s what she said, “I have Grandchildren up in the mountains and as far away as the Czech Republic and I’d like to use TEL.A.VISION  as a project to connect all of them, how do I do that? Is there a software I have to download?”

I first explained there is no software to download and no cost. In five minutes I took her to the site and suggested she sign up for one premium account and then send her email address and password to her grandchildren. Each grandchild can then go to the site and create their own TEL.A.VISION video to share with the family.

Her last words were, “Thank you so much, you have me singing with joy!” She also promised to send us an email to report on her Holiday project and we’ll let you know when it arrives.