An Inattentive Boy Pays Attention

billy_picAt left is Joey, a boy who is in my son’s class. His teacher says it is hard to get him to do anything. Joey is a very active boy, which I know first-hand because I coached him in baseball. While he had more energy than anyone, paying attention and listening was always an issue.

I helped my son’s class develop TEL.A.VISION videos and the first thing we did was create a World That Works for All video. After completing that I told the kids I would be back Monday to start on the vision videos.

I explained to the kids that on Monday, we would start our TEL.A.VISIONs. That Monday, as I’m about to start the instruction, Joey raises his hand and asks, “Mr. Johnson I’ve already made three vision videos, can I show one to the class?” He does, the kids burst forth with applause, and Joey becomes my teacher’s assistant that day helping the other students as they create their TEL.A.VISIONs.

TEL.A.VISION videos are easy to create and have an ability to change student’s lives.