MN Alliance With Youth & Vision

mnyouthWe met recently with The Minnesota Alliance With Youth whose mission statement is focused on making certain that, “All young people in Minnesota are connected to their communities, have hope for the future and are able to realize their dreams.”

The Minnesota Alliance With Youth is an organization striving to ensure access to the resources our youth need to be successful: caring adults, safe places, a healthy start, effective education, and opportunities to serve others.

At our meeting we were intrigued to discover that the Alliance has fifty AmeriCorp Promise Fellows who each work with 25 youth in schools across Minnesota by creating success plans for those youth. As we talked, it became clear that TEL.A.VISION is a stellar match with their goals for Minnesota youth, and we immediately agreed to teach their Promise Fellows how to make TEL.A.VISIONs at an upcoming training in January. In addition, our Ringmaster (George Johnson) is going to be meeting with their Director, Sarah Dixon, in Duluth to discuss how else we can work together going forward.

Everything starts with vision and what better way for Minnesota youth to express their work with Minnesota Alliance than by creating their own vision videos on TEL.A.VISION.