My experience with TEL.A.VISION was excellent!

By Eric Paquette

I am a high school writing teacher with a large special ed. population in my classroom. I found the visionary aspect, the creative freedom and hands on approach empowered previously unengaged students.  Since the project I have seen that by referring back to the goals set in the video students are connecting daily work to long term goals in a more concrete manner.

From the first day that we started using TEL.A.VISION there seemed to be an instant connection between the students and the program.  The special ed. students in my class seem to be more comfortable writing, and processing information on the computer than with a pencil and paper.  TEL.A.VISION allowed them an opportunity to have success in the classroom in a format that permitted them to focus on what they were saying rather than the format that they were using.

I would recommend TEL.A.VISION to ANY teacher trying to get students to rise to their full potential

Here is a sample video by one of the students.