National Creative Society Recommends TEL.A.VISION

natlcreativeDuring the TEL.A.VISION roll-out at the 2008 Conference of the Search Institute in Minneapolis, I had a chance to meet Dr. Charles Reichel, executive director of the National Creative Society.

Much to my delight, Dr. Reichel recently wrote this article recommending TEL.A.VISION and had this to say about our offering, “It can make a big difference in each person’s expression of their integrity and realization of their career path.

He also referenced a statement by Dr. David Walsh (Founder of the Institute for Media and the Family) who’d said that TEL.A.VISION, “…is both an exciting technology and capable of changing the lives of millions” as it was clear that Dr. Reichel concurs.

What we’re seeing is an accelerating number of recommendations from thought leaders, guides, coaches or leaders who work directly with youth or with the organizations and people who do.  Dr. Reichel’s willingness to place TEL.A.VISION in front of those with whom he interacts and guides is very appreciated and validating. It’s also illustrative of the sorts of people who are seeing TEL.A.VISION as a movement worthy of their recommendation and of high value.