Parents React to TEL.A.VISION

business man giving a conferenceAmidst the excitement of creating their TEL.A.VISION videos, there is also an anticipation to see the work and vision of other students. As part of the program students are required to share their video with their teacher to ensure completion. We suggest that teachers set aside some time for students to share their videos with the class, if they choose to. While many students may be tentative to share at first, by the end of the session, most students are found hoping there is enough time to share their video.

The most common response from students as they watch their peer’s videos is, “Now that I’ve seen other videos I realize I have many more dreams I want to add to my life/video.” By seeing what others see as possible, it becomes possible for them as well.

In addition to sharing with their teacher and class, students are asked to share their TEL.A.VISION videos with their family and friends. Via the website, students are able to send their videos via email, download them to an iPod and share them in multiple other formats. Here are just some of the reactions to the TEL.A.VISION videos we heard:

  • “My parents liked seeing my hopes and dreams and my Grandma started to bawl”
  • “My mom told me that she never knew some of the dreams that I had”
  • “After I showed my dad my video, I felt like a movie producer and I wanted to show everyone”
  • “My family was amazed at how much thought I had given to my future”
  • “I hope everyone shows their parents their video so parents can get to know their kids better.”

Upon completion of the first class to participate in TEL.A.VISION, we celebrated by putting on a “Movie Night,” where every student and their parents were invited to watch each student’s TEL.A.VISION video, while enjoying popcorn, of course. See the video below for the parents’, teachers and kids responses to TEL.A.VISION.