If you're wondering about the efficacy of TEL•A•VISION and the impact it can make, download the white paper.

An evaluation was done of the TEL•A•VISION curriculum implementation at Big Lake High School in Minnesota. Download the paper.

An evaluation was done of the TEL•A•VISION curriculum implementation with 18-21 special education students. Download the paper.

An white paper on the effectiveness of TEL•A•VISION's approach and its validation of neuroplasticity and drop out prevention. Download the paper.

Parent Survey Results

TEL•A•VISION Parent Survey Results
SEDOM Parents: Students ages 18-21

McHenry Community College  |  14 of __surveys returned

QuestionYesNoNot SureParent Comments
Were you aware that your child was participating in the Tel.A.Vision Program at MCC?122
Did you help your child with his/her Tel A Vision Project?77
If you provided help to your child, please circle the kind of support your child found most helpful in completing their project:

A. help with ideas
B. Help finding pictures or other media
C. Help with editing their project
D. Help understanding how to use the Tel.A.Vision software
E. Verbal support and encouragement
F. Other:
Did your child complete his/her project?14
Did your child appear interested and engaged in his/her project?14Very much engaged
Did this project help your child to develop a positive vision of his/her future?113
Have you seen your child’s Tel.A.Vision Project?113Impressive
If no, would you like to see it?3
Do you believe that your child’s Tel.A.Vision project reflects realistic future goals that your child can achieve with supports?113Yes-come.
Except being a parent.
Some yes, some no, so sure.
Do you believe that this project will help your child stay focused on achieving the positive “life story” that their Tel.A.Vision represents?122
Would you recommend that our program continue to use Tel.A.Vision to encourage students to develop and focus on a positive future they can achieve?131NEAT IDEA.
It can be used as a positive tool.