When we started out on this adventure, one of the first organizations with whom we met was the Search Institute, headed by CEO Dr. Peter Benson. We are believers in the message contained within Dr. Benson’s new book “Sparks” — which describes a simple yet powerful plan for awakening the spark that lives inside each and every young person and what happens when those sparks are illuminated and nurtured, giving young people joy, energy, and direction — and it was clear that our directions are quite similar.

We both believe the key to healthy youth is for them to find their unique gift(s) and have support for them to grow. We were honored to be able to present at their annual conference as well as have many of their youth presenters create TEL.A.VISION videos for their presentations.

Here are a few quotes from their letter of endorsement.

We believe TEL.A.VISION and the empowering process of creating visions of hope for the future will be widely embraced.

“Our current culture is filled with negativity, cynicism, and hopelessness. Our young people are the vulnerable recipients. We know from our work in positive youth and community development that it is not only possible to bring hope into the mix, it is a key to sustainable change.”

“We are delighted and energized by the potential we see in supporting and collaborating with George Johnson and TEL.A.VISION.”

We look forward to working with SEARCH in the future. Click “Continue Reading” below to read the SEARCH Institute endorsement letter sent to us by Dr. Peter Benson.