ServeMinnesota & TEL.A.VISION


This week I had the privilege of speaking to 30 program directors of AmeriCorps programs in Minnesota. I explained to them why TEL.A.VISION  is important, who else is supporting TEL.A.VISION  and how easy it is to create a TEL.A.VISION.

What really made the talk meaningful for the program directors was when Marc Hosmer, the program officer, came up and talked about creating his own vision for ServeMinnesota (embedded below). He explained that it took him a couple of hours and that the next time he does one it would take half as much time. He encouraged them to create their own TEL.A.VISION videos and submit them to the national AmeriCorps video contest and to use the tool with the students they work with in the Americorps programs.

As an aside, when the TEL.A.VISION team viewed Marc’s ServeMinnesota vision video, we were not only struck by the quality of it but quickly realized how incredibly powerful it was to see, hear and sense the organization’s vision in a video like this vs. how most organizations deliver their mission and vision: in a few paragraphs of text. Imagine what would happen if every service, non-profit or educational organization in the world delivered their vision and mission in a TEL.A.VISION and posted it — instead of a few paragraphs — on their website Home or About Us page?

For now, I can’t wait to see the videos ServeMinnesota and their students create.