Students’ Visions Featured on FOX News

fox9breckOn Tuesday, January 20th, media outlets nationwide were focusing solely on the inauguration of President Barack Obama. Most of this coverage tracked President Obama’s every move that morning, but here in Minnesota, our very own FOX 9 News (KMSP-TV) covered the inauguration in TEL.A.VISION terms, with four live segments from the Breck School in Golden Valley, Minn.

The segments highlight a classroom of Breck 8th graders who, as part of their History curriculum, were assigned to create a TEL.A.VISION video communicating their “Vision for America.” The project corresponded with the inauguration, so the students highlighted things they felt were important for Obama to focus on during his Presidency – world peace, the environment and an overall theme of kindness dominated the students’ videos.

FOX reporter M.A. Rosko captures these themes during her interviews with three Breck students who participated in the TEL.A.VISION “Vision for America” curriculum. M.A. also speaks with Breck History teacher Sarah Flotten, who saw real value in connecting a program like TEL.A.VISION, which lets students express their voices and hopes for the future, with a current event such as the inauguration.

The live FOX segment is included below. All of us at TEL.A.VISION are incredibly proud of these Breck students for their “Vision for America” videos, which demonstrate genuine care for America’s future. Makes it easy to be hopeful with youth like this poised to lead our world someday.