Create Your Own Vision Video!


When you can envision your own future, you are more likely to make whatever changes are necessary, put forth the effort, and acquire the skills necessary for you to achieve it!

There is no better way to set yourself on your life's path than to have a vision for your future and TEL•A•VISION will help you tell the world about it!

This video gives an overview of how to create your TEL•A•VISION video. When we first developed the idea 12 years ago, we had a different slide based software to use. We are now working with Animoto, to help you create your TEL•A•VISION video.

We have a Screenplay document you can download (see STEP 1: Your Screenplay below) and use it as a guide for writing your story for your video. Feel free to create other content, but be sure to follow the rules and guidelines we have developed.

Please Note: Students must be 13 years old to use the Animoto software, or be working with a parent or teacher.

Go to Vision Videos if you would like to see what other students your age have completed.

Are You Ready to Create
Your Own Vision Video?


Follow Steps 1-3 to create your TEL.A.VISION video...

STEP 1: Your Screenplay

It's a breeze to create a vision video by filling out Your Screenplay. Choose one of these two ways to complete your screenplay:

1) PRINT: Start by downloading the screenplay, printing it, and then filling in the screenplay to use as you are creating your vision video.

2) ONLINE: Start your screenplay using this online form that you can pause and complete over multiple sessions, have your entries emailed to you, or be displayed to you*.

*After you submit the online Your Screenplay form, your entries will be shown to you directly on a webpage. You can even print Your Screenplay from that webpage, or even save it as a webpage-complete from your web browser.

STEP 2: Go to Animoto

With your screenplay complete, go to Animoto and sign up for your free account.

Animoto has everything you need including photos, video, music and a wide choice of transitions. Add your own video and music.

We recommend your videos be 60 to 90 seconds long. (60 seconds for Instagram)

STEP 3: Share Your Video

When you have finished your video share it on Social Media and use the hashtag: #TAVvideos

Here is our Instagram page if you want to see other videos.

Go to our Facebook Community and join if you would like to do so.

Don't forget to send your video to your family and friends!

We are creating a worldwide movement ... and we need your help!

If you have ideas on how to reach more students, please let us know.

We are creating a worldwide movement ... and we need your help! If you have ideas on how to reach more students, please let us know.

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