Teachings of the Delicate Lodge

w-n-rWindEagle and RainbowHawk

Ehama Institute was founded in 1995 as a non profit organization whose sacred dream is to create and maintain an expanding circle of humans in supportive relationship, consistent with the sacred teachings of the Mother Earth, that encourage learning and growing and foster the fulfillment of each person’s destiny as a Sacred Human. After teaching separately for many years, WindEagle and RainbowHawk joined together to become twin “Keepers of the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge”. Teaching together since 1987, they created WindTree Teaching Center located in the Santa Cruz Mountains of Northern California. In 1995 they founded the Ehama Institute, a not-for-profit teaching institute, with a vision to share the Earth Wisdom Teachings with circles of people around the world to once again create a culture of harmony and respect for life.

Over the past 5 years I’ve coached many people trained in the Teaching of the Delicate Lodge. The teachings of the Delicate Lodge are teachings of Consciousness. They are 3000 year old teachings brought up from the Mayan culture of Central America. WindEagle and RainbowHawk are keepers of this knowledge. Their websites are www.ehama.org and www.disciplineofpeace.org. In this series of podcasts, George talks to both Windeagle and Rainbowhawk about TEL.A.VISION and how they see it relating to their teachings.

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Consciousness: [audio:http://blog.telavision.tv/wp-content/audio/2008WRG_MP3s/01-Conscious.mp3]

Dreamer Chiefs: [audio:http://blog.telavision.tv/wp-content/audio/2008WRG_MP3s/02-TEL_Dreamer_Chiefs.mp3]

Collective Consciousness: [audio:http://blog.telavision.tv/wp-content/audio/2008WRG_MP3s/03-Collective_Consciousness.mp3]

Spirit Through Time: [audio:http://blog.telavision.tv/wp-content/audio/2008WRG_MP3s/04-Spirit_Through_Time.mp3]

Awakening to One State: [audio:http://blog.telavision.tv/wp-content/audio/2008WRG_MP3s/05-Awakening_to_One_State.mp3]

Half of 1%: [audio:http://blog.telavision.tv/wp-content/audio/2008WRG_MP3s/06-Half_of_1.mp3]

The 100th Monkey: [audio:http://blog.telavision.tv/wp-content/audio/2008WRG_MP3s/07-100th_Monkey.mp3]

Nature of Energy: [audio:http://blog.telavision.tv/wp-content/audio/2008WRG_MP3s/08-Nature_of_Energy.mp3]

Just in the Nick of Time: [audio:http://blog.telavision.tv/wp-content/audio/2008WRG_MP3s/09-Nick-Niche_of_Time.mp3]

The Essence of TEL.A.VISION: [audio:http://blog.telavision.tv/wp-content/audio/2008WRG_MP3s/10-The_Essence_of_TEL.mp3]

Visioning TEL.A.VISION: The First Peace [audio:http://blog.telavision.tv/wp-content/audio/2008WRG_MP3s/11-Visioning_TEL_1st_Peace.mp3]

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