TEL.A.VISION on Television: Our Founder on KARE-TV

george-on-kare11Since its inception, TEL.A.VISION has been well received by educators, youth leaders and students. Most recently, we’ve seen the media embrace TEL.A.VISION as well. From the Christian Science Monitor to FOX-TV, reporters nationwide are noticing TEL.A.VISION and its potential. More importantly, these reporters “get it.” They get that now more than ever we need more hope and positivity in the world, and that hope for a better future is best instilled in tomorrow’s leaders – our youth.

Yesterday, TEL.A.VISION founder George Johnson joined KARE-TV’s Diana Pierce for a live segment discussing TEL.A.VISION and the upcoming TEL.A.VISION Day on March 20th. In three minutes, George took Diana and KARE’s audience on a tour of TEL.A.VISION, including his motivation for founding it and the simple process for creating a vision video. Additionally, our “Vision for America” contest also was highlighted, and people nationwide were encouraged to enter their vision for America video by midnight this Thursday.

The next media outlet to catch on to our movement? Minnesota’s own Cities 97. Tune in this Friday morning, TEL.A.VISION Day, as George joins morning show host B.T. from the NYLC conference in Nashville. If you miss the live segment, don’t worry. Check back here for full audio.