TEL.A.VISION Adopted by all Youth

We started piloting TEL.A.VISION by working with 120 5th graders at a suburban school. The students and teachers readily adopted it. One Teacher said,”I can think of nothing I could have done to get to know my students better.”

Next we took TEL.A.VISION to a Junior High and 350 7th graders completed TEL.A.VISIONs. The students were near unanimous in calling the project their favorite homework assignment of the year. One girl, who hadn’t completed an assignment all year finished her video and in her diary said “Its about time someone asked us what we wanted.”

We created a Vision for an alternative School in Switzerland and the teacher said ” This is the best behaved I have ever seen our children.”

A class of slow learners did TEL.A.VISION  videos. The teacher said ” These are kids who don’t read, don’t right and don’t participate. We were blown away with what they accomplished.” ( One of there videos is shown below.)

Recently a group of teenage girls of color, the Divas, completed beautiful TEL.A.VISION  videos. They did a beautiful job and the teachers are already using the videos as a way to reinforce studying habits and appropriate behavior.

A few weeks ago I was at the Red Wing Juvenile Corrections Facility. The warden loves the idea of having the residents create TEL.A.VISION videos. I asked one resident if he would like to do one. He said he already knew what he would say in his:

  • I make my mother proud
  • I get my GED and graduate from High School
  • I find a full time job
  • I hang with friends that appreciate me

What we have seen is that all youth regardless of economic status, age, race or personal circumstances want the opportunity to dream of their futures of hope and possibility. Please help us spread the word.