TEL.A.VISION and Minneapolis Public School Graduation Requirements

southwest-journalIn a feature story in today’s  Southwest Journal, TEL.A.VISION’s new relationship with the Minneapolis Public Schools is explained.

TEL•A•VISION will be incorporated into Minneapolis Public Schools My Life Plan, a post-college planning activity that is required for graduation beginning next school year. Creating a vision video will be one option for seniors to complete the My Life Plan requirements.

For Minneapolis Public School students, the vision videos they create using TEL•A•VISION will focus on post-high school college and career aspirations.

Southwest’s Jastrow said high school seniors would have the option of creating a vision video for their capstone project, the final step in completing My Life Plan. For their capstone project, seniors must produce something — such as an essay or art project — that both reflects on their high school career and also looks ahead to life after high school.

Jastrow said the district’s AchieveMpls coordinators and licensed school counselors recently were trained in using TEL•A•VISION. Several of the adults created their own videos within an hour or so of being introduced to the program, which means TEL•A•VISION should be a snap for today’s tech-savvy kids, she said.

Jastrow said students are drawn to interactive media. And like generations of teens long before the Internet Age, they crave control.

That’s exactly what TEL•A•VISION gives them, she said.

“They’re able to combine music and pictures [with] their thoughts and personality,” Jastrow said. “They can put their stamp on what it will be.