sparksTEL.A.VISION helps youth ignite their sparks through creativity.  Sparks – Inner flames that breathe the passion of who we are into our lives.  Spark originates from inside you.  It is yours to claim, nourish and put into the world.  This is the theme to Peter Benson’s (Ph.D. and president of Search Institute) newest book, Sparks: How Parents Can Help Ignite the Hidden Strengths of Teenagers.

Benson’s research identifies 32 Spark categories including Creative Arts as the number one category under which our youth’s sparks are ignited.  Surveying American teenagers, it was found that 100% of kids clearly believe in the idea of spark. 69% of teens say they have spark and 62% say they can name their spark.  Identifying and claiming each of our individual sparks is the key to human thriving, being truly alive with passion and purpose.

Support our youth, become a Spark Champion.  Every young person is more likely to thrive if they have three or more adults who see, affirm and nurture their spark.  We want to commend Crystal for sharing her creative spark.  After participating in the 2008 HCHY Search Conference she felt compelled to TEL.A.VISION about Sparks.  Check out Crystal’s Sparks TEL•A•VISION.


Now that you’ve watched Crystal’s sparks in action, LIGHT YOUR OWN & FUEL SOMEONE ELSE’S SPARK.  Check out IgniteSparks.