presobamaThe Search Institute HCHY Conference followed on the footsteps of the history-making  U.S. National election which named Barack Obama as the U.S. President Elect.  What some may not have known is that Barack Obama and TEL.A.VISION share the same goal, defining a new Vision for America.

One of the key elements for which TEL.A.VISION was created in 2006, was to give our youth a means or channel with which to share their visions for America with whomever the newly-elected president would be.  As the Search Institute began, news of Mr. Obama’s new website spread – and within this website was a call to action.  Our President-Elect Obama was asking any and all people to share with him our visions for America.

The TEL.A.VISION website, has a category under our “Watch” tab specifically allocated to “Visions for America.”  The Search Conference leaders partnered with TEL.A.VISION and asked the conference attendees to post their visions for America at the TEL.A.VISION conference room.  Every statement that was shared was compiled into one of four “Vision for America” videos.


To see all four of the Search Conference “Vision for America” TEL.A.VISION’s go to our website here.  You can also make your own Vision for America TEL.A.VISION and send it to President-Elect Obama via his website at on this page.  Simply select “Share Your Vision” at the bottom of the site and upload your TEL.A.VISION.  Share your vision . . . Change the world!!