TEL.A.VISION as a Universal Language


I was recently in Switzerland with WindEagle and RainbowHawk and on that trip we met with the students and faculty of an alternative school, GasserSchule, and spent an enjoyable day creating a new vision for their school.

Each child wrote one line of what their vision is for the school. They then found a picture that went with their one line. Upon completing their contribution and assembling them together, the entire class voted on the music they should use. The project took six hours and the teacher commented that she had never seen the students better behaved. When they watched the video they all applauded and asked to send it to their parents.

It’s another great use for the TEL.A.VISION technology. As I watched the video, all done in German, I began to see that it didn’t matter what language it was in, you could still understand the vision. Our hope is that over time, youth from around the world will create their visions and share them, regardless of the language it is in.

View “Die Vision der GasserSchule 2008” (The Vision of the GasserSchool 2008):