tiesLast Thursday we had one of our best meetings yet with TIES, an Minnesota education technology collaborative that offers cutting-edge school administration software, hardware and software, Internet services and professional development designed by educators for education. Begun as Technology Information Education Services in 1967, TIES is a joint powers cooperative owned by 38 Minnesota school districts which represent about 400 schools. One-third of Minnesota’s student population — about 250,000 students — is in TIES member districts.

TIES is all about how technology can optimize student learning within our schools. They understand how TEL.A.VISION is a great way for Minnesota students to understand the value of web 2.0 by using something tangible like TEL.A.VISION .

TIES is interested in becoming our partner for TEL.A.VISION Day on March, 20, 2009. We discussed how we would love to connect our Minnesota launch with our Nashville launch while we are at the National Youth Leadership conference on the same day.

Minnesota has always been a front runner in education and the group at TIES proves that we remain so with technology in education in Minnesota.