TJ’s Vision

tjTJ’s vision is to play basketball at the University of Wisconsin. I first met him 2 years ago as a player on my son’s basketball team. His legs were so thin I used to worry that he would break them running down the court.

As part of his school’s involvement with TEL.A.VISION, he created his TEL.A.VISION and we had a parents night to show off all the student’s vision videos.

The day after parent’s night, I received an email from his mother who said that after watching his video, she realized what a disservice she had done to her son. She knew he wanted to play basketball at the University of Wisconsin but kept telling him exactly why that wouldn’t be possible. What she now realized is that it doesn’t matter if he plays basketball there at all, but instead that she support him in his dream.

This year TJ is on my son’s basketball team again. He has become the best player on the team. I asked him if he still had a vision of playing at the  University of Wisconsin and he said, “You betcha.

Quick word of advice: I wouldn’t bet against TJ and his dream.