If you’ve found your way to the TEL.A.VISION blog you must be interested in vision. Our friend, Dr. Peter Benson, from the SEARCH Institute has just written a book called “Vision – Awakening Your Potential to Create a Better World”. It is available here from the Templeton Press.

I’ve read the book and believe it is the perfect compliment to creating a vision video. Our hope is to create a curriculum on vision that would include reading the book and creating a TEL.A.VISION video.

Here are the publishers comments from the book’s order page:

According to Peter L. Benson, the capacity to generate vision is among life’s most beautiful and unheralded gifts. To him, a vision is more than just a goal, more than just a dream of what could be—it is a summons, a pull towards the future, an inspired call to make real that which should be. In Vision: Awakening Your Potential to Create a Better World Benson takes readers on an uplifting exploration of this powerful concept.

Once I started the book I couldn’t put it down. I’m sure you will enjoy it also.