Welcome to the New Tel.A.Vision Blog

Thank you for visiting the new Tel.A.Vision website. In this post I want to welcome you and explain the history of the website.

I first began Tel.A.Vision in 2008. I ran it for four years as a business but could not make a go of it and ended up closing it down. I’ve reopened it as a non-profit because I feel the need for visions for our youth is greater now than it was then. I want to help bring more hope and possibility to the world and I believe we can do that.

Most of the blog posts were written between 2008 and 2012.

I’ve included them in the new site because they give you a clear idea of how Tel.A.Vision was used and the results that students and teachers have experienced from participating in the project.

I saw first hand the difference the Tel.A.Vision videos made in students’ lives. If you watch some of the videos you can see the stories around their videos. If you are a student, I hope you will be inspired to create one yourself. If you are a teacher, I hope you will bring this into your classroom or school.

Please create your own Tel.A.Vision videos, share them on Instagram, FaceBook or YouTube and pass the word along.

If I can be of any help email me at george@telavisionvideos.com