Wired for 2020 to Feature TEL.A.VISION and DIVAS

About Wired for 2020

project-divas-working-hard-with-screenTEL.A.VISION  and Project Divas will be at the Wired for 2020 event at the Mall of America from 10-5 on Saturday April 18th. Come and learn how to make a TEL.A.VISION Video and than sit down at one of our interactive stations and make one yourself.  Here is a link to a post about the Divas project.

Mentor and Youth Engagement

Wired for 2020 is the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota’s year long engagement campaign to get more mentors involved with youth in the state of Minnesota. It is our mission to interest caring adults in becoming mentors to youth.  Caring adults who are willing to help young people spark their future career interests and expand their possibilities. Through the Wiredfor2020.com website and event at the Mall of America on April 18th, the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota hopes to provide youth and their mentors with resources, edutainment, and social media tools to engage them in conversations about their future opportunities.

The Wired for 2020 Event is at the Mall of America Event on Saturday 4.18.09 from 10am-5pm in the Best Buy Rotunda and the West Market and is open to the public.