Dr. Chinta Mani Yogi Chi and Vision

george-yogiI just returned from the World Spirit Forum in Arosa, Switzerland. While there I had lunch with Dr. Chinta Mani Yogi Ji (his bio and website). Yogi Chi is from Nepal and is the founder of three schools, an ashram and the Society for Value Education. He is also a patron for the Youth Society for Peace (more here). He is widely known throughout Nepal. Over 500 youth have been part of the  Youth Society for Peace and every year he sends a few youth to the World Spirit Forum.

I asked him what he does with the youth in the Youth Society for Peace and he told me the story he tells the youth. “You can learn mathematics but you can not own mathematics. You can learn science but you can not own science. You can learn reading but you can not own reading. So what is it you can own yourself? The only things you can own yourself are your values and your vision. What I tell the youth is that they must have their own set of values and they must have a vision for their lives.” He told me “This is the key to peace and what I teach the youth.

I showed Yogi Ji TEL.A.VISION and he loved everything about it. He promised he would bring this to his youth. He shared that there are many obstacles including having only 8 hours of electricity each day and spotty Internet access but that he would make this happen. He also invited me to Nepal to work with his youth.

His comments on TEL.A.VISION and his interest in bringing it to his students was another confirmation that we can make TEL.A.VISION  a world movement.